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Pirelli Calender 2017: From Erotic Calendar to Social Critic

Credits: Peter Lindbergh I Pirelli

Uma Thurmann für den Pirelli Kalender "Emotional" I Fotografiert von Peter Lindbergh II Uma Thurman for 'Emotional', the Pirelli calendar 2017

„This perfect beauty celebrated by society is unreachable. As an artist it’s my responsibility to free women from the image of eternal youth and perfection.” Peter Lindbergh, photographer

The new Pirelli calendar 2017 by Peter Lindbergh was presented in Paris last week. Lindbergh is one of the international most renowned photographers and the only one who illustrated the Pirelli calender already three times. In a time where women have to hold true to the standards of  beauty and perfection set by society and media Lindbergh wants to remind them of a more authentic beauty than the one being pushed by advertisments. “A beauty, an individuality and courage to be yourself and by that to express a certain sensitivity,” Lindbergh emphasized.

His interpretation of the Pirelli calendar is called „Emotional“. This time it’s not about showing perfect bodies. It focusses on sensitivity and the emotional aspects of the photographed models granting a free view into their souls and showing themselves truly emotionally naked instead of bodily naked.

A truly beautiful idea which in our eyes also includes grey hair, laugh lines, scars, cellulite, stretch marks and of course a plusperfect figure.


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