Schnittig rennt's sich leichter I Look like you mean it I Credit: PlusPerfekt.de

A Curvy Runner’s Dream: The Perfect Outfit for a Perfect Run!

Fitness studio? Thanks, but no thanks. We are the ones that prefer empty streets, muddy tracks, fresh air and sun on our skin. Workouts right in the open that make us feel alive. And it’s paying off. Higher Metabolism. Strong self-awareness. Strenghened immune system. Everything benefits from a run. But sometimes there are days where it’s just impossible to get up to it.

The reasons are diverse. A sudden bout of laziness. Rain. Sticky weather. Too many people walking about and commenting on your run. And not to forget the knee that’s been aching since the last run. And the running tights that chafe in the groin.

We don’t have a solution for bad weather. As for the rest…. The right sport attire helps for sure! No chafing but a cool running look that helps you to keep your motivation at a maximum!

Aching knees, shins or anckles can be caused by the wrong posture during your run or more often by wrong shoes. Now, there are a lot of running shoes on offer that promise the perfect comfort with multiple paddings, foam soles, mesh inputs or air pockets. But every foot is different. And feet that carry more weight are even more specific. In any case it’s worthwile to invest in a really good pair. We can recommend the Gel-Nimbus 18 by Asics. Heel and forefoot padding. So in case you do walk on the back part of your foot a bit too often it doesn’t hurt as much as it would with only forefoot padding. It feels as if you’re walking on clouds even on asphalt. A very comfortable pair for plus size runners.

As for sports trousers… Obviously you can buy all kinds of sport tights and sweats at H&M or similar shops for a small budget. So why bother with ‚professional‘ ones? Well, for a start, they feel amazing on your skin durin your workout. Whereas low budget tights are absolutely satisfying for occasional users, tights by sport brands feel like you wear nothing at all during your workout. There’s no chafing or slipping of the material. Which is phenomenal when you run almost every day. PlusPerfect tested a plus size shape tight by Rohnisch. 7/8 length, minimalistic look with cool grey stripes and an adjustable waistband. The shaping effect can be seen in the tight but stretchy material.

To prevent back and breast achings you can invest in a strong sports bra. Now, the right sports bra depends on youur cup size and the sensitivity of your breasts. Our model is wearing the sport bra level 3 with a cup d and felt comfortable during her test run. It shouldn’t be a lesser level. Level 3 specifically is for cardio and running in case you feel any back or shoulder pain try out a level 4 sports bra.

As for the top you have a certain freedom in choosing whatever you like from cheap cotton shirts to quick dry materials. The latter is, for obvious reasons, very practical. It doesn’t get heavy with sweat and looks like you mean business. Which you do. But also classic tops, like this one by Adidas have their charme. At the end of the day it’s just important that it’s comfortable and not too warm. It’s sport so it’s got to be practical for you. A nice touch is to choose loud colors. It makes it easier for cars or bikers to see you and it boosts your mood.

Whose sole concern is to make it through your run without collapsing midway, don’t worry. There’ll be days when it seems impossible to make it. And there’ll be days where you almost fly over the asphalt. A good playlist helps you to stay focussed without concentrating too much on the running. Some long distance runners who keep a slow pace also like to listen to audiobooks,  for example by audible. The advantage is you can download it on your mobile phone and listen to it on the app in an offline modus. And if you only listen to the audio book while running, the more you’re motivated. After all you want to find out how the story’ll end!