Awakening a desire for autumn: Knitted favorites

Going for a walk in autmn. Enjoying the sun rays and the colourful beauty of the trees and bushes. In addition a cozy pullover, which doesn’t need a closet. 

A favorite with cuddle factor

A favourite piece, that feels like a textile embrace. Dark green, tightly knitted and with asymmetrical cut. To that an all-rounder: A loosely woven scarf in warm earthy tones. Combined with a waxed stretch jeans in brown you will get through autumn safe and chic. Only if it’s getting colder outside, you should wear a jacket if you like it or not. Even if it’s hard. 🙂

Cozy pullover for curvys by Lieblingsstück | Peter Hahn

Waxed stretch jeans in plus size | Emilia Lay

Soft scarf in earthy tones | Krystall-Soamas