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Never say Never! How to wear a Smoking

You get an invitation… And it says to wear ‚black tie‘ or ‚cravate noire‘. Well, congrats, gentleman… You are now officially allowed to feel like James Bond. Wearing a dinner jacket as evening wear is not only desired but requested. But don’t fret, not only secret agents can cut an impressive figure in a formal suit.

Back in the day, the dinner jacket was a connector between festive occasions and private moments. After a festive dinner the gentlemen would usually retreat for a smoke to the smoking room and change from the formal tailcoat into a more comfortable dinner jacket. Over time the tuxedo became a thing. You could say it was a more casual variation of the tailcoat. But careful, wearing a tuxedo or dinner jacket (depending if you’re from the US or the UK) before six o’clock in the evening is a ’no-go‘.

In France the tuxedo is known as the ‚Tenue de Soirée‘. The Germans call it ‚Smoking‘ in homage to the smoking room where it was originally worn.

Classically the color of the dinner jacket is black or midnight blue. It’s combined with a bow tie. You’d like something a bit more exciting? Well, of course you can change the bow tie with a light patterned scarf. Custom made cufflinks give a nice personal touch, too. Everything is possible as long as you feel comfortable in your version of the dinner jacket.

Trägt der Herr einen Smoking, sollte die ihn begleitende Dame ein langes Kleid anziehen. Alternativ geht auch ein elegantes Cocktail-Kleid.

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