Credits: Marina Rinaldi

Top Fashion Trends 2018!

PlusPerfekt was at the Fashion Week and talked to popular plus size labels and designers. We made an overview with all the top trends of 2018 for you. Curvy styles guaranteed!

Trend: Trenchcoat

The trench is an indispensable part of the wardrobe in 2018. Originally english soldiers wore them to stay warm and dry in the trenches during the First World War. Today, because of it’s fashionable utility, the classical item isn’t only popular in England. Besides classical cuts and colours also loud pink and red shades are current trends.

Trend: Off-shoulder and asymmetry

This trend is perfect for spring and summer. The spacious cuts are great to let your look seem casual.

Trend: Wide trousers

Common thread of the trends 2018 is the nonchalance in the cuts. Loosely falling fabrics that accentuate the material are desired. The wider, the better. So let’s get some elegant high waist Marlene trousers and cool culottes! With comfortable sneakers for daytime or elegant and urban with kitten heels for the night. Endless legs guaranteed!

Trend: The Layer Look

Nonchalant and urban: The layer look is back. Courageous fashionistas can combine various materials. Marina Rinaldi shows how it works and lets her models wear a crochet top over a business shirt. Anna Scholz has just the right thing for beginners: A long military dress with jeans in matching colours …

Trend: Trackpants

This year the athleisure trend will reach its climax. Inspired by track pants there are casual cloth pants with a lateral stripe. Combined with sneakers or high heels this trend reminds of the sporty styles of the 80s.

Trend: Denim all over!

Whether denim top with denim culotte like Ashley Graham wears it or just denim jumpsuit … “Birds of a feather flock together”. Especially popular on the runways: dark denim. Dark denim because of it’s dark and intense colour that comes from an extra dark dye or various dying processes. In contrast to the used look (which is still fashionable, don’t worry) dark denim has a very clean chic and is visually unobtrusive.

Trend: Transparency

There’s no way around this trend in 2018! Whether tulle, mesh or lace … Transparency is a very important topic in everyday wear as well as evening fashion. Wonderfully combinable in layer looks.

Trend: Pink and red

Besides the trend colour “ultra violet” designers also seem to have a love for the pantone red shades “chili oils” and “cherry tomato”. And there is also good news for pink lovers. Although the colour has had its zenith in 2017 it will also remain this summer. Whether soft pink, fuchsia or bright pink combined with red … Everything is allowed. But watch out! Jewellery should be avoided with these colour combinations. It may seem cluttered and your look doesn’t work anymore.

Trend: All black

The classic combination gets new popularity. Whether in daily life or for special occasions: Deep black is visually unobtrusive and puts the focus on the cut and contour of the outfit. This colour combination especially works with transparent elements, hip frills or sporty contrast applications. If you feel like this trend is a bit too boring for you try a combination with glossy vinyl trousers. Those are very popular among high fashion designers and are just the right thing for courageous fashionistas.

Trends: Stripes’n stripes

Brightly coloured stripes, please! This time the focus is on vertical stripes that make the silhouette appear slimmer. Whether completely urban as casual shirt dress or as a feminine skirt … This trend is perfect for summer and already puts you in a good mood.

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