Credits: Brunello Barbieri

La dolce moda: Italian luxury fashion for curvys

Brunello Barbieri creates fashion for curvy women only. Imperfection, the flawed side of femininity, is celebrated. The designers of the fashion brand see it as a sign for true authenticity that makes up the unique value and the fascination of women.

Fashion is part of the culture

Bella Italia. The country stands for fashion consciousness, elegance, personality and lifestyle like no other. Italian fashion is self-confident, part of the culture and distinctive in international comparison. Brunello Barbieri, which exists since 2016, is a new Italian luxury label that specialized on plus size fashion. 100 % of the collections are designed and produced in Italy.

Creative director is Giulia Brunello. She already worked for popular labels like Dolce & Gabbana, Trusardi SPA Bergamo, Versace and Bally. For her spring/summer collection “Resort 2018” none other than actress Anna Magnani, an icon of Italian movies, has been her source of inspiration. In her roles Magnani shows the ambivalence between persistence and fragility. The contrast between hardness and grace. For Guilia Brunello the actress embodies the real italian soul and elegance like no other.

Transparency & contrasts

With her plus size collection Guilia Brunello wants to act out the various facets of femininity in a textile way. And so the spring/summer collection is pervaded by colour contrasts, leather, chiffon and metallic gloss. The aim is to combine timeless elegance with modern trends. The customer should play with looks and combine outfits out of materials that seemingly don’t fit together. The label offers compositions, structures and cuts that can be mixed differently and worn as a new outfit again and again.

At the Arab Fashion Week in Dubai the collection “Resort 2018” was presented for the first time. Some of the models could be seen on the runway of the PlusSizeFashionDays in Hamburg in autmn of last year.

In Germany fashion by Brunello Barbieri is available at Crispy Kurvenhaus in Hamburg or by Sylt Selected in Keitum in Sylt, for example.