Credits: Anja Gockel

Sumptuous fabrics, splendid colours: No room for doubts by Anja Gockel

That’s never been in the 110 years of existence of the Hotel Adlon in Berlin! A fashion show over at the elephant fountain, right through the lobby of the hotel of tradition! A metamorphosis of fashionable designer furniture and a spectacular fashion show.

Anja was awarded as “Designer of the year 2017” of the VDMD Gockel. “This makes a little proud myself”, so the designer. “And to celebrate, I can not imagine a more beautiful location.”

“No room for doubts” is the motto of the collection. A personal statement of the designer: Free, spontaneous, emotionally and ambivalent as the setting of the show, so the team led by Anja Gockel describes the creations.

Large silhouettes. Sumptuous fabrics. Elaborate prints and magnificent colors. Particularly striking iridescent sequins and the nostalgic velvet.

The spring-summer collection by Anja Gockel