The perfect choker look for your girls night out

Going out with the girls. Honestly, it doesn’t matter which club or bar you are aiming for. Most important are the right people, a good mood and an outfit that makes you feel like the queen of the night.

A perfect outfit choice for a girls night out is always something in which you feel like the best version of yourself. Try this one!

Choker collar as an eye-catcher

Sexy miniskirt out of black velvet with an exciting boho pattern in metallic. In addition a loosely knitted pullover and varnish booties. The pullover has a loose fit with a special highlight: An exciting cut-out at the décolleté.

The black outfit offers safety, the metallic pattern leads the gaze in the right direction. With this cut-out you have the ace up your sleeve. And when you’re on the way to the next location, just put on the scarf. It protects from getting cold and is a welcomed cuddle intermezzo. Even if the weather is bad and the streets are slippery, the varnish booties with extra wide heel will help you stay well-grounded.

Velvet skirt, pullover with choker collar & booties | Heine Versand
Richly embroidered cozy scarf | Krystall-Soamas
Lipstick & nail polish | Isadora