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“This is the wrong approach.” Interview with Model and actress Hayley Hasselhoff

Plus Size is finally getting more and more attention from the media. It’s a cry for more body love and tolerance. Not just for your own body but for others‘. Which is the crucial point.

With the ‚rise‘ of Plus Size, there are a lot of companies who exploit this new found body love with commercial slogans such as ‚Real women have curves‘. Which, though flattering to some, surely isn’t the main aim. Establishing tolerance of one‘s own body form by putting another down.

Hayley fotografiert von Lily Cummings I Hayley photographed by Lily Cummings
Hayley Hasselhoff I Model bei Curve Model Management ICredit: Lily Cummings I Hayley’s a Model at Curve Model Management

What are your thought’s on the topic of tolerance?

Hayley Hasselhoff: I do feel strongly that this is the wrong approach. All that plus size is standing for is another slice of equality. To put down another to make your point of rise is disheartening. I feel no matter what slogan is out there for straight or plus size it should be to rise up for woman’s confidence and to have everyone join together as one.

The plus size fashion scene has changed drastically over the last few years. A lot more fashion labels venture into the plus size segment and impress with trendy collections. Are you satisfied with the development so far?

Hayley Hasselhoff: I started plus size modelling when I was 14 – to see where the high street development has gone is astonishing. Its about time well known high street labels expand their sizes and give all girls the opportunity to feel fashionable. I think there are some of the best plus size high street brands in the UK and European market. Yet I do feel there needs to be more high end availability. This was a big reason as to why I designed my own capsule collection for Elvi. To give quality pieces that were tailored to perfection for a plus girl.

Being a plus size model you have a high awareness for the plus size issue: Seeing beautiful women with big bodies on an almost daily basis gives the impression that the world is changing positively in regards to how they look at plus size. Does this impression remain after a few days off? Or are there moments while doing the shopping or going out dancing that you’d wish for more tolerance regarding body types?

Hayley Hasselhoff: What you have to remember is that we come from the world of bullying. Do I think body positivity is still there on my days off? YES.

But do I think that bullying for all reasons has gone away. Unfortunately no, but we as one can be the difference. If you see someone being bullied or made to feel unimportant speak up and do something about it. Be the change you want to see in the world, allow others to know that being unique/different is what beauty is!

Feeling comfortable and and attractive in your own body doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your actual weight. It’s mostly up to sport, a healthy diet and a positive environment. Though there are times where it’s hard to keep positive. Are there days where you don’t feel comfortable in your body?

Hayley Hasselhoff: Of course! I always say I have good days and bad days. I sometimes feel you need to have bad days to get to your good. We sometimes need to go through bumps of new found acceptance to get back to being connected to our being.

Do you have any tricks that help you to get back into a positive mindset?

Hayley Hasselhoff: A good outfit! Whenever I’m having a bad body day – if I put on a good outfit it helps to motivate me to push through, go outside and concur the day.

Until a few years ago, fashionable clothing went up to a size 14/16. Hard to imagine that one day there’d be trendy and in-expensive clothing easily available up to size 24. Do you think the size limit will move further up to sizes 28/30 and further?

Hayley Hasselhoff: I truly hope so. Most brands that I know of on the plus size high street market do go up to a size 26. I think the plus size movement is changing at such a good pace that who knows where we will end up in a year.

Your surname is internationally known. In addition to model photos, there are paparazzi shots that show you in private moments. Maybe moments you don’t want to share with the public. Does the media interest hinder getting modelling jobs? Or are the designers especially interested in working with you because of your web presence and influence?

Hayley Hasselhoff: It depends on the client you are working for and what the job entails. No matter where the interest may have come, I always show up extra prepared for the job at hand. To be the best I can for myself and them.

At the end of the day it‘s a business and I want to help them push their vision for their brand further.

I imagine it to be really demanding to always show your best side. In work and in private. Just in case someone takes a photo of you. Does the attention sometimes get to much?

Hayley Hasselhoff: I was raised in the public eye so I had to have an early sense of myself. I try to stay as true to that as possible either in front of the camera or off. I wouldn’t ever want to be an idea of who i am to make myself look better. I am comfortable within who i am and being a normal 24 year old woman that don’t shy away from showing my flaws.

Even though it’s February, it’s not to late to hear your goals for 2017! Would you share them with us?

Hayley Hasselhoff: This year I have some very exciting new adventures I am going on. My ss17 capsule collection with Elvi will be released at the end of March.

I have a new exciting position in the curve space that I cant wait to discuss with you when it‘s released in May. I hope to continue to be a good example and fight for our place in equality. I hope to work with brands I admire and love. I hope to venture back into television and film. Acting has always been and will always be a huge part of who I am. Who knows .. You may just as well see me on theatre sooner than later 😉

About Hayley

Hayley Amber Hasselhoff is an actress and model. She was born on the 26. August 1992 in Los Angeles/California. Her parents are Pamela Bach and actor/singer David Hasselhoff. Hayley models since she’s 14 years old. She’s signed on by Curve Model Management located in Hamburg.

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