Velvet and sneakers – A winter romance

You want to go out and show off with a very cool outfit. But often someone wears the same shoes, the same top or similar pants. And suddenly your outfit doesn’t seem as original as you thought. We’ve got an outfit with rarity value for you!

Velvet & Sneaker – A no-go for grandma

Velvet is the great trend in autmn and winter. A perfect example is this eye-catching top in wine red. Classically combined with close-fitting suit trousers in glossy midnight blue with wine red flower tendrils. If you like, you can of course wear high heels with it. We decided on the comfortable version: sneakers. It gives a casual note to your outfit and ensures longer party nights, as well. The backpack with matte sequins offers space for some necessities like your wallet or smartphone. Don’t forget the matching nail polish and you’re ready to party.

Velvet top for curvys // Maxima Fashion
Suit trousers with flower print // Rick Cardona by Heine
Sneakers by Vans // Sheego
Sequined backpack // Emily & Noah
Nail polish // Catherine






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