Credits: Mercedes | Lily Cummings

Berta, Janis, Paloma: Mercedes and its Strong Women

Barren volcanic landscapes, black sandy beaches and smooth movements. And in its center – how could it be any different – a sleep, shiny vehicle and the protagonist Paloma Elsesser.

Body Positivity & Self Love

Insofar nothing unusual for a short film by a car manufacturer. Beautiful women in combination with cars – An always popular eyecatcher and successful advertising material. If it wouldn’t be for the protagonist of this advert: Paloma Elsesser.

As a sought-after plus size model and self-proclaimed body activist, she stands up for diversity, self love and and body positivity. The Californian belongs to a new generation of models that are advocating a change in our perception of femininity and beauty. It’s important to her that this change isn’t perceived as some temporary social trend but will grow into a natural aspect of our daily lifes.

Paloma Elsesser was born 1992. She grew up in Los Angeles. While studying literature and psychology her modelling talent was discovered by make-up artist and beauty guru Pat McGrath on Instagram. Today she’s working as a plus size model with many well-known greats of the fashion industry. Recently she presented the spring/summer 2018 collection by Eckhaus Latta on New York Fashion Week. She also worked together with superstar Rihanna on the singers’ own beauty line.

Perfection Beyond Perfection

The intention of the short film “Honey & Dirt” is to depict different facets of womanhood and to question the constant striving for personal perfection that we all have internalized. It was filmed in the vulcanic landscape of the Canary Islands for “She’s Mercedes”. The photos that were used in illustrating our article were shot by Lily Cummings.

No matter if runway or highway: Advertisements are part of the daily life of our society and should therefore depict the different and beautiful facets and forms of the people within. Makes you wonder what Berta Benz, wife of Mercedes founder Carl Benz, would have said to this development.

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Header Credits: Mercedes | Lily Cummings