Japanese aesthetics meets European elegance: Silk kimonos for curvys

Kimono is a Japanese word which means literally translated “clothing”. A kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. It nearly reaches to the ankles and is reminiscent of a caftan that is held together by a wide sash (obi).

The label Kimonomanufaktur works with traditional Japanese patterns. However the average height of Japanese women is 1,53 metres and with that about 10 cm smaller than the German average, for example. Not to mention the smaller clothing size and the different body silhouette. Therefore the patterns have been adapted to European clothing sizes and body types.

The special elegance and aura of traditional kimonos surely also comes from the dominating belts. They are called obi. Though it’s not easy putting on a traditional kimono and tying the belt properly. Even in Japan only very few people are masters of the art of putting on the silk costumes correctly. Having recognised that tying an original obi is way too complex, the team of Kimonomanufaktur devised a modified version of binding the traditional garment. Optically the simplified way of tying the belt looks very similar to the traditional one though it’s much more easily done.

The online shop of Kimonomanufaktur is online for a few weeks. Japanese tableware and bio teas by certified bio traders are part of the portfolio as well as traditional and modernly interpreted kimonos.

You can shop all kimonos in normal and plus sizes up to European size 54/56. Most models are out of pure silk. It is planned to also attend short, tall and special sizes. If you are interested you can already send your corresponding request via e-mail.